Kingfisher Co-op history, Part 3: Further expansion and maturity

Here are the final pages of the 11-page history published in 1984 by Kingfisher Cooperative Elevator Association.

In 1955, after notifying contractors to send in bids, the co-op added a 320,000-bushel elevator. This supplemented the 240,000-bushel elevator built by Tillotson Construction Co., of Omaha, in 1946.

“A new skyscraper had been added to the landscape, and the farmers took pride in the contribution they had made to their community’s appearance and prosperity,” the history says.

You will find the Tillotson elevator on the left in the aerial view of the 1955 skyline (p. 8).

Co-op Way 08

Co-op Way 09

Co-op Way 10

Co-op Way 11


2 comments on “Kingfisher Co-op history, Part 3: Further expansion and maturity

  1. Chuck Tillotson says:

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful history of the growth of the Kingfisher contribution that was made to the grain industry in the heyday years of agricultural expansion. I wonder how Kingfisher stacks up today against the continued expansion of grain producers for our hungry world?
    Charles Tillotson

  2. Linda Hill says:

    Kingfisher Cooperative Elevator is now owned by CHS as of April 2006. Their main office is out of Inver Grove, Minn. We are a part of their Country Operations. You can look up CHSinc online or our local operations at

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