Listen on KOSU, from Stillwater, as we talk about road trip discoveries


By Ronald Ahrens

Kelly Burley, news director of KOSU, called me up from Stillwater to talk about the recent road trip, focusing on the sites I visited in western Oklahoma.

He requested a couple of photos (seen here) with captions for KOSU’s home page.

Burley said the full interview would post on the station’s site, and an edited version would run as an insert during a broadcast of “All Things Considered.”


Above, Pond Creek, Okla. Here, Tillotson’s first concrete elevator (right), 1939, Goltry, Okla.

Indeed, he was true to his word. The link to the 25-minute version is embedded here. The page will open in a new window.

Kristen and I have been blogging since December 2012, but this is our first media coverage and we’re pleased.

4 comments on “Listen on KOSU, from Stillwater, as we talk about road trip discoveries

  1. Marc McClure says:

    Great blog! You deserve the recognition!

  2. Chandler Thomas says:

    Thanks for providing the link to your radio interview. I enjoyed it immensely. Have you considered expanding your efforts to write a book about the many companies and the people who built these elevators? Some are in business today and many are not. I think a history of builders who are no longer in business that focuses on their origins, an inventory of their operations, why they are no longer in business and the “lineages” each have through other companies to present would find wide readership. A sponsor might be interested in such a project.

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