130-foot fall claims Larry Ryan’s life in Pochahontas, Iowa

Worker Is Killed in Fall From Elevator

Pochahontas, Iowa –(AP)–A 130-foot fall from the top of the Farmers Co-operative Elevator, under construction here, claimed the life Wednesday of Larry Ryan, 20, of Cassville, Mo.

Ryan, an employe of Tillotson Construction Co., Omaha, was operating a hoist used to raise supplies to the top of the elevator. Cause of the accident was not immediately learned.

Muscatine (Iowa) Journal

Thursday, July 29, 1954

5 comments on “130-foot fall claims Larry Ryan’s life in Pochahontas, Iowa

  1. […] same summer, Larry Ryan, the hoist operator working for Tillotson Construction Company on the Pocahontas job, had a similar […]

  2. […] 130-foot fall claims Larry Ryan’s life in Pocahontas, Iowa (ourgrandfathersgrainelevators.com) […]

  3. cheryl says:

    Love your blog and infor on elevators. I grew up in Pocahontas and do remember the terrible accident there. The elevator is the first thing one sees as they approach the town. When we go home now I’ll recall your family’s company with gratitude.

  4. […] kept hearing of accidents at other sites. One man [Larry Ryan]was said to have fallen from a plank used to walk between the tops of two tanks. He was wearing new […]

  5. […] Albert City is in northwest Iowa on a spur from Route 3, not far from Storm Lake in Buena Vista County. The Tillotson’s had also built that same year in nearby Pocahontas, where there was tragedy. […]

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