Edward Koppes injured in fall at Bonner Springs, Kansas

Injured in Fall (The Sun’s Own Service)

Hanover, Kans., Jan. 28—Edward Koppes, son of Mr. and Mrs. Chris Koppes of Hanover, received a fractured right hip and right arm when he fell 20 feet from the roof to a concrete floor of a grain elevator which he was helping to build at Bonner Springs, Kans., on Jan. 19. He was taken to a Kansas City hospital. He is an employee of the Tillotson Construction company.

Beatrice (Neb.) Daily Sun

Wednesday, Jan. 28, 1948

2 comments on “Edward Koppes injured in fall at Bonner Springs, Kansas

  1. Chuck says:

    Does anyone know the name and location of the elevator which was under construction in Bonner Springs in 1948?

    • kocart says:

      Honestly I have never visited there, and the post came from a newspaper account. I saw a photo on a railroad website of Bonner Springs’ elevator, but it was at a distance, so it was impossible to identify it. I also looked at a google map, and the image from above appears to show an elevator on an inactive rail spur, but again, I cannot tell when it was built. It may be that the old 1948 elevator no longer stands. This will take more research, or a visit, to answer to your question. I will keep looking.

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