Fave photos from elevators in Hereford, Canyon and Bushland, Tex.


In Canyon, Tex., the 1950 Tillotson elevator operated by Consumers Supply Co-op receives the graces at day’s dawn, April 17, 2018.



Consumer Supply Co-op’s grain monster. In case you missed it, the name’s MACK.



The beautiful, classic, curved 1951 Tillotson cupola reaches 152 feet in Hereford.



2 comments on “Fave photos from elevators in Hereford, Canyon and Bushland, Tex.

  1. Chandler Thomas says:

    You may have covered this in prior postings and I either missed it or forgot, but do you know why Tillotson went from 24 projects to 1 in a single year?

    On a separate note, I find the “Lineage” of other contractors stemming from Tillotson to be very interesting. Gordon Erickson leaving to start Mid-States, The Russell sons working with Quad-States, etc. I knew all of these people from my time building grain elevators.


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    • We think the tapering off had much to do with the arc of lending activity by the Commodity Credit Corp., which was very active in the early 1950s in increasing grain storage.

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