Greenwood elevator welcomes 250 at open house

Photo by Kristen Osborn Cart

GREENWOOD (Nebr.)–The Farmers Union Cooperative Association held open house at the new concrete elevator which has capacity for 128,000 bushels of grain. Manager Floyd H. Gove and assistant M.L. Griffith conducted 250 through the plant. Doughnuts, cookies and coffee were served in the basement.Farmers’ Elevator Guide, November 1951

4 comments on “Greenwood elevator welcomes 250 at open house

  1. I grew up seeing the Greenwood elevators every day of my youth.

    • kocart says:

      They are a distinctive landmark. It’s amazing these structures still stand for fifty years or more, long after their builders are gone. I have traveled past this elevator many times, going between Ashland and Lincoln on highway 6, while visiting my parents. Now we understand a little bit more about their history. Thanks for stopping by!


  2. […] companies built similar styled elevators, such as the Greenwood, Neb. elevator built by Tillotson of Omaha in 1951. But those differed in shape and concrete detailing. […]

  3. […] is unknown. It is reminiscent of the style of the elevator built by Tillotson Construction in Greenwood, Neb., but without the curved headhouse. But it also recalls several Chalmers and Borton […]

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