Approval and completion of a concrete elevator in Pocahontas, Iowa

POCAHONTAS–The Farmers’ Cooperative Elevator has approved final plans for construction of a 250,000 bushel storage plant. The new elevator will consist of eight tanks, 20 feet in diameter and 120 feet high with a cupola to project more than 20 feet above the tanks. Each of 17 bins will hold about 15,000 bushels. Their present elevator has a capacity of 60,000 bushels while the Havelock branch elevator holds 40,000. The new plant should be finished about Sept. 1.Farmers’ Elevator Guide, June 1949
POCAHONTAS–The New 250,000-bushel concrete elevator which cost the Farmers Cooperative association $125,000 is completely filled with soybeans stored for customers and corn stored for the government. The structure is 120 feet high. The Pocahontas cooperative, one of the leading groups in northwest Iowa, plans to build a new truck scale, a new office and a new (illegible) house next spring.Farmers’ Elevator Guide, December 1949
Note: Tillotson Construction Company worker Larry Ryan fell to his death here in 1954.

This map shows the incorporated and unincorpor...

2 comments on “Approval and completion of a concrete elevator in Pocahontas, Iowa

  1. Neil A. Lieb says:

    My name is Neil A. (Anderson) Lieb. I graduated from Pocahontas High School In May of 1949. I worked on the original concrete elevator from June until it’s completion. I also worked on the one build in Clare the same summer. I continue to work for Tillotson Construction Company until August of 1951. While employed by Tillotson I help build similar structures in Bushland & Cannon, Texas; Alto, & West Bend Iowa: and Marshall, Missouri. I am currently working on my autobiography and would like to have some data on this structures (capacity, specifications, etc.).

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