Engaged in sales, William Osborn spent serious time on the road

Gerald Osborn makes this point in an email to Kristen Osborn Cart:

Just for the record, your grandfather [William Osborn, of Mayer-Osborn Company] spent a lot of time on the road selling elevators. I remember waiting in the car during one stop he made; I believe it was at Le Mars, Iowa. I don’t believe it is correct to attribute all the sales to Gene Mayer.

In fact, my understanding was that Gene spent most of his time in the office in Denver and likely was involved with drawing up the contracts, doing the cost analysis, and issuing the bid package. There was also the financial side of things that I don’t think my dad was very involved with:  payroll, purchasing, accounting, et cetera.

The Men of Slip-Formed Concrete

R.O. Tillotson

Our Grandfathers’ Grain Elevators is a collaboration between Ronald Ahrens and Kristen Osborn Cart.

Bill Osborn, 1923

Our grandfathers built mid-20th-century grain elevators in North America. That means they used concrete. We’re out to document their production.

For example, here’s a Tillotson Construction Company elevator, photo by Kristen on November 27, 2011.