Three elevators near Bozeman, Montana, provide a little variety


Flying into the Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport the other day delivered a pleasant surprise in the form of three handsome elevators soon after we drove away from the passenger terminal.

One elevator was right there in Belgrade, Montana, where the airport is. It was an old house adapted to operate with metal silos.

Another had concrete silos, and a third looked like a simple wooden house.

These photos are all we can offer. The elevators weren’t Tillotson or Mayer-Osborn jobs, but we were excited to see them and now share with eagerness. Perhaps at a future time we can learn more details.


2 comments on “Three elevators near Bozeman, Montana, provide a little variety

  1. Ric Smith says:

    Greetings. I’m looking for construction history on our Elevator that was built for Quaker in St. Joseph, MO around 1928. I’m most interested and have found information on the slip-form technique with interstitial bins. As a Safety Engineer, I’m looking for information regarding their sound structures and techniques. I find it remarkable that nearly 80 years later and with the equipment/materials they had available during these times of construction, how many facilities built during these times are still one of the strongest structures in town. Any bit of information you can share is greatly appreciated!

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