A house of slip-formed concrete was Reginald Tillotson’s pet project in 1950

Tillotson Home

By Ronald Ahrens

An early post on this blog included John Hassman’s recollection of design and construction of the house Reginald Tillotson built on a hilltop north of Omaha’s Florence neighborhood:

“While in the office I [was] trained by the office engineer to design buildings and was the major designer with R.O. to build his new home in Florence, Neb. Many mornings he would arrive with new ideas of what he wanted changed in the house, and we would start all over. Starting in Nov. 1950 we began construction on the new house. The foremen were kept busy in the winter doing that work. All using a concrete house with the ideas we used in Elevator Const. That was the coldest, windiest place to work in December. I left to go the the Air Force because I was about to be drafted in the middle of the Korean War.” 

The house, of course, still stands, and is the home of Michael Tillotson, youngest son of Reginald and Margaret.

It did not incorporate Tillotson Construction’s signature rounded headhouse!

As a grandchild who spent a lot of time there, I always though it was remarkable because of the use of glass blocks as a design feature. The entire second floor was reserved as a music and game area. And despite the single garage door, there was a second “lane” to the right when you drove in.

But Uncle Mike always had it blocked with his relics.

3 comments on “A house of slip-formed concrete was Reginald Tillotson’s pet project in 1950

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  2. Boomdeeadda says:

    Wow, that looked like a pretty big house for 1950. Thats a fun link to Google maps, it’s seems like they were a ways out of town. It’s nice to have a bunch of space. We are living in a condo in downtown Edmonton while we look for a house. While convenient to work, I miss having a yard. The tagline ‘by baggyparagraphs’ made me laugh too

  3. kocart says:

    The elevator builders made a good living for their day. It was a pretty nice house.

    While traveling around the Alberta countryside I saw some gorgeous wood elevators not too far from your neighborhood, in some very picturesque places. What a great heritage you have–many old elevators have disappeared, but it’s good to see some of them still standing. They are pretty majestic sitting out in the middle of the Canadian prairie.

    Cheers, and welcome to our site!

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