Nebraska Firms get Government Contracts

Give projects to Nebraska firms

Washington (AP).  The War Department has awarded the following government contracts (Army engineers office in charge in parentheses):

Less than $50,000.

C.C. Larsen and Sons, Council Bluffs, IA., temporary buildings, Thayer County, Neb. (Omaha).

Olsen, Assenmacher, and Rokahr, Lincoln, Neb., temporary frame building, Lancaster County, Neb. (Omaha).

Tillotson Construction, Co., Omaha, temporary building, Fillmore County, Neb. (Omaha).

Owen Mann, Rapid City, S.D., storage facilities, Box Butte County, Neb. (Omaha).

A. Borchman Sons, Omaha, temporary building, Dodge County, Neb. (Omaha).

Lincoln Nebraska State Journal, Lincoln, Nebraska, Friday, June 11, 1943.

3 comments on “Nebraska Firms get Government Contracts

  1. […] However, we know Tillotson Construction was active between 1942 and 1945. We found one snippet in an old newspaper, which we transcribed on the blog: […]

  2. a gray says:

    The buildings constructed to meet the needs of the military during World War II were considered, for the most part, to be “temporary buildings”. Quite a few are still around 70 years later. Were I researching this, I would look take a hard look at the military bases being constructed in Fillmore County, Nebraska at the time. I would also look for military warehouses or specialized manufacturing facilities such as gunpowder plants. Fillmore County newspapers from that era may be on-line and offer some clues in their articles and “help wanted” ads.

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