Mayer-Osborn’s new Roggen elevator contrasts with the old wooden one

New Elevator at Roggen Skyscraper of the Plains

A skyscraper on the plains of Weld county is the cement and steel grain elevator of the Farmers Grain and Bean association at Roggen. 

It is 119 and a half feet to the top of the bins and 157 feet to the top of the head house. The eight silos in the elevator have a network of 19 bins with a total capacity of 250,000 bushels.

Completion of the elevator in September gave the association a total storage capacity of 330,000 bushels, with the old elevator, shown in the foreground.

It also provided the association with the most modern equipment for grinding, rolling and mixing grain.

The contractor was Mayer-Osborn company of Denver.

Photo by Robert Widlund, Greeley (Colo.) Daily Tribune, undated (1950)


5 comments on “Mayer-Osborn’s new Roggen elevator contrasts with the old wooden one

  1. […] and that my grandfather William Osborn had a hand in it. Our hunch proved to be right. A 1950 newspaper account detailed its construction, as well an the concurrent project at Byers, Colo. Roggen’s elevator […]

  2. Merriman, Nebraska appears to have two wooden grain elevators and what appears to be a Mayer-Osborn concrete elevator.

    • kocart says:

      Thank you for your comment. We will investigate the Merriman elevator–you are correct; it follows the McCook style and was either built by Mayer-Osborn, or by a company that took over the designs after Mayer-Osborn went out of business. We will try to find out which it is.

      • You are welcome. I am glad the information is new & helpful. The Google Streetview image I saw is several years old so I hope the wooden elevators and the concrete one still remain. I look forward to learning what you all find.

  3. Phil says:

    Would the additions of Grain elevator built in mid 70s?

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