2 comments on “In 1949, Mayer-Osborn built to suit Traer, Kansas

  1. Joan Reuman says:

    We searched out Traer, KS in February 2011 as we’re from Traer, IA. Just had the opportunity to come back to Iowa that way as we had been to visit family in New Mexico. Took lots of photos but found no one there to talk to. We own a men’s clothing store that has been in business in Traer, IA since 1878. Just last night, at our historical museum, I found an old newspaper article from 1952 explaining how Traer, KS got named. I can email it to you if you’re interested. I’d love to hear more about your Traer if possible. Joan Reuman

  2. Julie Hafner says:

    How did Traer, KS get the name? I realize this is a little late but still interested in area history. Thank you.

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