Tillotson Construction wins contract to rebuild in Hawarden, Iowa

Elevator Contract Awarded

New Structure to Replace Building Which Burned Last Fall

The Tillotson Construction Company of Omaha was awarded the contract Monday evening by the E.R. Lambertson estate for the erection of a new grain elevator on the North Western railway right-of-way to replace the structure which was destroyed by fire last September.

The new elevator is to be approximately the same size as the old structure. It will be 26×28 feet in size with a 14-foot driveway and will have a capacity for approximately 20,000 bushels of grain. The sides of the building will be covered with corrugated iron and it will have a metal roof. The old office, which escaped the flames in the fire last fall, will be utilized in conjunction with the new building. The new elevator is to cost in the neighborhood of $6,000.

The contractors hope to begin work on the project in about two weeks and they will utilize as much local labor as possible in its construction. The contract calls for completion of the building by May 1st.

Hawarden (Sioux County, Iowa) Independent

Thursday, February 1, 1940

* Yet another fire struck the Hawarden elevator in 2006.

2 comments on “Tillotson Construction wins contract to rebuild in Hawarden, Iowa

  1. […] least we found its obituary in a news video of its fiery demise. That 1940 vintage elevator, in Hawarden, Iowa, was built two years after Charles died. It burned down in 2006. We didn’t find, at the time, […]

  2. […] the elevator they built was not concrete? There is a precedent in Hawarden, Iowa, where the company built a wooden elevator in the tradition of Charles Tillotson, the patriarch of […]

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