Christmas ideas for an elevator enthusiast

DSC_0075Story and photo by Kristen Cart

Our good friend Linda Laird shares our interest in American grain elevators and has devoted much of her time to documenting these historic landmarks of the plains. I purchased her book some time ago and found it very enlightening. She did a terrific job. This book is on my short list of recommendations for Christmas, if you have an elevator lover on your list.

The American Grain Elevator

Another good friend and fine photographer Bruce Selyem, and his wife and excellent writer Barbara Selyem, have published several books on the subject of grain elevators, and they also publish an annual grain elevator calendar. Last time I checked they still had a few for sale. They also have fine prints for sale if you find an image of an elevator you can’t live without. I spend time on their site while planning elevator trips because of their extensive coverage of elevators all over the country and in Canada.

Grain Elevator Photos

Lastly, it is always a good idea to visit Gary Rich’s elevator photo pages to see his latest elevator photography. He recently finished a trip to Oklahoma, so I expect to see new images from there soon. He says he loves taking pictures in the winter sunshine, which is the perfect illumination for his subjects.

Gary Rich Grain Elevators

Enjoy the season!

One comment on “Christmas ideas for an elevator enthusiast

  1. Emily says:

    I was excited to see Gary’s name on here. I have spoken to him a time or two about some of the elevators he has photgraphed. My grandfather built a great many concrete slip form grain elevators across the midwest. He worked for many people over the years, but he worked for Virgil Johnson most for a compnay out of Silina. Johnson and Sampson and later then Johnson Elevator Co. Gary has photograghed many of the elevators that my grandfather has built. I will have to check out the other two links you posted as well. Thanks so much for those!

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