Osborn letterhead reveals new dimensions to the elevator story

Story and drawings by Kristen Osborn Cart

Note: Kristen recently visited Nebraska and located a batch of family papers. 

William Osborn retired from building elevators in 1955, but he continued maintaining them.

It was not until sometime in the Sixties that he switched careers and started a tropical fish business, breeding fancy beta fighting fish and guppies in tanks he welded himself. The fish shop was in his basement. It made a fascinating place for a young granddaughter to explore.

Apparently, he still had some elevator repair company letterhead paper lying around, because I found it and used it for some of my drawings. How they survived all of these years is a mystery to me.

All I ever drew were girls and horses. 

Tillotson Construction will build 350,000 additional bushels at Tribune

More Elevators Being Built

Bucklin–Chalmers and Borton Construction Co. of Hutchinson has been awarded the contract to build 305,000 bushels of additional bin space at the Bucklin Cooperative Exchange elevator here. 

Plans call for 10 circular bins 20 feet in diameter and 110 feet high. In addition there will be five interstice bins.

The addition will just about double Bucklin Cooperative’s bin space. Plans call for the new unit to be ready for use by Sept. 1, in time for the milo harvest.

The existing elevator was completed Aug. 15, 1949.

♦ ♦ ♦

Tribune–Greeley County Grain Co. awarded contract for 350,000 bushels of additional grain storage space here to Tillotson Construction Co. of Omaha, Owner E. L. Rickel announced. 

The new concrete structure will be a separate unit. It will be erected across the road west of the present Rickel elevator at the west edge of Tribune.

L.K. Stephan, local manager, said it will give the company 825,000 bushels of bin space here.

Rickel indicated construction will be started soon, utilizing local labor, and is scheduled for completion ahead of next fall’s maize harvest.

Hutchinson (Kan.) News Herald, May 24, 1954