4 comments on “‘Rugged construction man’ Bill Osborn explains McCook’s ‘new skyscraper’

  1. […] interviewed in 1949 about his first, independent, Mayer-Osborn Construction venture in McCook, Neb., William Osborn named a number of elevators he had built before. We still believe all of the […]

  2. […] stepped-headhouse, slip-formed, concrete elevator in the style of earlier Mayer-Osborn efforts in McCook, Neb., and Roggen, Colo., and it stood at the center of a sprawling grain […]

  3. […] the elevator in Limon bears an uncanny resemblance to the first elevator Mayer-Osborn built in McCook, Neb. In fact, it is the same design, updated somewhat, and dated 1958. So it certainly went up after […]

  4. […] few of those elevators we have documented in this blog, including McCook, Lodgepole, and Big […]

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