Mary Tillotson’s Plymouth at her Omaha home in 1956

If I properly re-create the scene from my mother’s note on back of the photo, in 1956, as my baby sister Mary Catherine (Katie) was about to be baptized, we stopped by Great Aunt Mary Tillotson’s house on Paxton Boulevard to pick her up for the ceremony. The man on the front step may be my father, Walter, although I’m not sure who would be behind the lens. Aunt Mary had given me the outfit: tan pants and shirt with green trimmings. What interests me is the car, which must have been hers. With the help of Standard Catalog of American Cars, 1946-1975, I declare it to be a 1954 Plymouth Savoy two-door club sedan, factory price $1815, of which some 25,396 were produced. But I could be wrong. – Ronald Ahrens

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