This autonomous, battery-electric farming machine would surprise our grandfathers and the Farmall crowd

Considering the prevalence of robot vacuum cleaners and lawn mowers, it was only a matter of time until the predictions of autonomous farming machines came true.

Say hello to the John Deere robo-tractor. Had you known about Deere’s $33-million R&D center that opened in Urbandale, Iowa, in 2018? It helps lead to this.

The design staff must have had a great time working on it, although unlike automotive designers who create a concept vehicle, there’s only one color to play with.

The attachable cab calls to mind an insect that can fit its own head to the abdomen and thorax.

Maybe our readers will get a laugh from the 2-minite 43-second video. The music is inspiring in a “Chariots of Fire” sort of way.