Tillotson Construction’s Ralston, Iowa, project ‘progressing nicely’ in 1939

Ralston, Iowa–The work on the new annex at the Farmers Elevator is progressing nicely. The Tillotson Construction Company of Omaha will soon have it ready to store grain.

Carroll (Iowa) Daily Herald, Wednesday, September 13, 1939

Note: The New York Times visited Ralston in 2006 for a story about inadequate storage capacity in the face of madly expanding corn production.

Tillotson Construction builds new elevator in Glidden, Iowa

Glidden—The Tillotson construction company, Omaha, started work Saturday on a new reinforced concrete elevator for the Farmers Co-Operative elevator at Glidden.

Carroll (Iowa) Daily Times Herald, Monday, April 11, 1949

Glidden—As part of an expansion program at the Glidden Farmers Co-operative company, work begun April 13 on a reinforced concrete elevator with a 100,000 bushel capacity is progressing rapidly toward completion.

About 20 feet higher than the present buildings, the new elevator will be situated east of them. With the additional storage space the company, for several years the largest co-operative elevator owned and operated in Iowa, will be able to take care of a large amount of corn and beans grown extensively in the Glidden area.

The 100-ft.-high main storage part of the new elevator is up, and bin bottoms are being covered with concrete and hopper fill.

Approximately 35 men are working 10 hours a day on construction of the new elevator, which is under the direction of the Tillotson Construction company of Omaha.

It is expected to be completed by July or August.

Carroll (Iowa) Daily Times Herald, Wednesday, June 22, 1949